For us there is nothing like the beach: happy people, constant waves and an endless supply of ice cream. But finding the right outfit for sandy, wet or cold adventures on the beach can be difficult. We've tried a lot of outfits, but none of them have been able to live up to our expectations.

After a soul-searching trip to Nepal we finally found a solution for our 99 beachy problems.

Say hello to: the Superduck

Finally there is a beach cape for grown-ups:

  • Spread it out as an old fashioned beach towel - it's mighty big!
  • Use it as your shower towel - daily duck imitations* 
  • Cuddle with a stranger on the beach - you are so soft! 
  • Party at a full moon party with a real duckface

*we take full responsibility for you not getting dressed all day

Designed in Amsterdam With Love

Worn in San Francisco 

The Fine Print

The duck comes with very handy buttons: